3 Best Bicycle Repair Shops in Toronto

People are biking now more than ever, and the people of Toronto have developed a great cycling community that needs to be serviced. Unless you haven’t been using your bicycle that often, you know the burning need of relying on a trustworthy repair shop.

Keep reading if you are in the Toronto area and you want to know about the best repair shops in town.

Pedalinx Bike Shop

Besides providing high-end knowledgeable technicians who will attend your concerns, you will find all kinds of bike-related items. They feature aggressive discounts on their merchandise like 25% off on tires and up to 50% on selected helmets. Also, if you need an emergency repair, you just have to call them.

Pedalinx is known for going the extra mile to assure the happiness and satisfaction of their customers. While most shops won’t bother to answer the phone in the middle of the night, Pedalinx personal will be there for you when you need them the most.

3 Best Bicycle Repair Shops in Toronto repair shop - 3 Best Bicycle Repair Shops in Toronto

Toronto Bike Repair

It doesn’t matter if you need a small repair on your bike, accessories, or even a new bike because you can find it all at Toronto Bike Repair. They offer a vast range of high-quality parts for you to use on your bike and refurbished parts if you need to stick to a budget.

The shop is somewhat small, but the layout resembles a long hallway, hence if you keep walking to the back of the shop, you’ll find everything that you need. The customer service is phenomenal, as the people working there know what they are doing, are respectful, and honest about your bike’s issues.


This shop was established in the market back in 2013, but it has been in the business of serving the biking community for over 26 years. They feature parts, accessories, and repairs for all kinds of bikes like fixie, road, commuter hybrid, cruiser, fat bike, and mountain.

Also, Velotique offers great promotions on their items and repairs, if you buy one new bicycle, then you are entitled to a free tune-up. Their highly qualified team is ready to listen to your concerns and provide affordable solutions.

Besides selling bike parts and accessories, they also have merchandise for cross-country skis and roller skis.

We know the hassle of not finding the proper repair shop for our bikes, as most shops want to overcharge you or simply don’t know what they are doing. What is your favourite repair shop in Toronto?