4 Apps that’ll Improve your Fitness Performance

Whether you are a cycling fan, an avid runner, or simply a fitness advocate, there is a variable you’ll live for, distance. Knowing how much you have travelled becomes mandatory at all times, especially when training for a competition or improving your performance.

Thank goodness for technology, as countless apps can help you with it, making your fitness experiencea smooth and enjoyable one. Here is some useful app that’ll help you improve your fitness level in no time.

Map My Ride

This app will allow you to track or plan your route while helping you push harder while you ride. Map My Ride provides audible reinforcement and real-time data updates, letting you know the distanceyou have travelled and how fast at all times.

Thanks to its social networks, you’ll be able to post pictures of your ride for your friends to see and share.


This trail-tracking and discovery app is one of the easiest to use by both new and advanced cycling lovers. With Trailforks you’ll only need to open the app and hover the map to choose the available trails available in nature.

The app will analyze the trail in the direction you are looking at and will tell you how easy the path it is or not.

Dark Sky Weather

This app is for avid cyclists who love to know every detail before planning their cycling adventure. Dark Sky Weather features lots of options and striking visuals to know about the weather almost in real-time.

If you are a fan of the Weather Channel, then this app will become your best pal, thanks to its countless options and features.


Although this particular app won’t help you improve your cycling performance per se, it will surely make the entire ride in the mountains a lot more fun than it already is. This app allows you to take pictures and document every plant and wild animal you see. Just check in the app database and learn more about them.

Besides, if the plant or animal is not on the app, taking pictures will allow scientists and nature lovers to identify them later.

Thanks to these apps, increasing your resistance, pushing your limits, and boosting your fitness stats will be as easy playing at Casino vegas while resting for a bit.

If you are looking to improve your performance, find new trails to travel, discover new paths in the mountains, and have the chance to call first aid when needed, these are for you.

Try these fitness-improving apps out and enjoy the benefits these will provide right from the get-go. You won’t regret it.

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